The 3rd installment of A BrUNCH OF GIRLS, titled ‘SISTERHOOD’ IS IT AN ILLUSION?’ was held in collaboration with Blank 100 in Dalston, London. Here we discussed the age long tale of our inability to support a fellow girl, particularly women of color or women whom we secretly admire. We also raised questions of whether or not we can truly and wholeheartedly support women we do not know well-the ones whom we have not yet come to trust – women who do not fall under the umbrella of friendship or the ones who are not directly supporting us.


2. Ageism & The Politics of Relevancy | NYC

For the second installment of A BrUNCH OF GIRLS, we teamed up Brooklyn based restaurant Pokito to discuss Ageism and the politics of Relevancy in fashion. A discussion aimed at understanding the abstract timeline for achievement imposed on women and drawn lines of competition amongst young and older women. Up and coming rapper, Jungle Pussy, founders of A Peace Treaty and AESA Jewelry, Dana Arib and Randi Mates and Alexis Okweowo of The New Yorker were amongst the list of inspiring women in attendance.

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1. Culture Dynamics | NEW YORK

For the first installment of A BrUNCH OF GIRL founder, Oroma Elewa teamed up with Brooklyn based concept store and its owner, Kai Avent-De Leon.
Aptly titled ‘Culture Dynamics’, A BrUNCH OF GIRLS addressed race and cultural identity in a third space. This inaugural installment brought together some of the most socially and culturally inspiring women, a list that boast the founder of Black Eye and former Director of the Jeffery Deitch Gallery, Nicola Vassel, Stylist/Editor at W magazine, Solange Franklin and Essence.com fashion Editor Celia Smith amongst others. And was met with incredible response on social media.

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