A BrUNCH OF GIRLS is an event series aimed at engaging women over meaningful conversation.

I observed an absence of togetherness amongst creative black women and a great need for mentorship for young women. In an effort to combat this, determined an adequate remedy would be to first foster critical dialogue amongst women – the sort of engagement that helps women understand one another. One that helps imbue women with the mindset on how to relate to a fellow woman.

Topics that are the focal point of discussion during A BrUNCH OF GIRLS are carefully selected to be useful and relevant to understanding the culture of women as a whole. Additionally, conversations during A BrUNCH OF GIRLS are supplemented by keynote addresses from brilliant guest speakers that spread across many fields with a wealth of knowledge to share.

The A BrUNCH OF GIRLS ethos is deeply rooted in empowerment, relatability and conversation. A BrUNCH OF GIRLS strives to curate a safe space where women of different backgrounds and experiences can come together and discuss issues that affect us all as women. A BrUNCH OF GIRLS is a means of joining forces with fellow women, artists, brands and spaces to create a community of women that can equip and support each other globally.

Oroma Elewa